Notes from BPU Sri Lanka - Third Year

BPG. 302 – Buddhism and Contemporary Thought 


The basic aim of this study is to unfold the visionary concept existing in contemporary society, Buddhist attitude and response to its philosophical trends.

The following matters are taken into consideration in this regard: Marxist attitude towards religion and sociological analysis; Buddhism and analytical western philosophical traditions; Buddhism, modern science, Buddhist attitude regarding empirialism, para empirialism, scepticism, agnosticism; materialism.

Recommended Reading:
  1. Early Buddhist Jurisprudence Durga Baghavat, Poona, 1940
  2. Fundamentals of Buddhist Ethics Gunapala Dharmasiri, Singapore, 1996
  3. Women Under Primitive Buddhism I. B. Horner, London, 1930
  4. The Principles of International Law in Buddhist Doctrine from Recuell des Course, Vol. II. 1977 K. N. Jayatilake, Academy of International Law: extract
  5. Dharma, man and Law K. N. Jayatilake, Singapore, 1992
  6. Buddhism and Race Question K. N. Jayatilake and G. P. Malalasekara, UNESCO race series, Paris, 1958
  7. Philosophical Implication of Pancasila G. P. Malalasekara, „Sambhasa“ P. 266-273
  8. Crime and Punishment in the Buddhist Tradition  Nandasena Ratnapala, New Delhi, 1992
  9. Buddhist Ethics Hammakawa Saddhatissa, London, 1970
  10. Ethics of Buddhism S. Tacibana, London, 1926
  11. Individual and Society in Buddhism W. G. Weeraratna, Colombo, 1977
  12. Buddhism and Society Hienz Bechert, Kandy, 1977
  13. Precept and Practice Richard Gombrich, Oxford, 1971
  14. Ethics in Buddhist Perspective K. N. Jayatilake, Kandy, 1972
  15. Ethics and Class Conflict in Sri Lanka Kumari Jayawardhan
  16. Buddhism and Social Action Ken Jones, Kandy, 1981
  17. Social Problems Joan Wand Moore, New Jersey, 1982
  18. Buddhism in Life Martin Southwold, Surrey, 1983
  19. Sociology of Religion Max Weber, London, 1976
  20. Aspects of Buddhist Social Philosophy K. N. Jayatilake, Kandy
  21. An approach to Buddhist Social Philosophy Robert and Beck, London, 1979
  22. Buddhism and Sex M. O. C. Walshe, Kandy
  23. Small is Beautiful E. F. Schumacher, Harper and Row, 1973

Examination Questions

 What are the differences between religion and philosophy?
 Clarify the two subjects presented by the two terms – philosophy and religion.
 Explain the distinguished feature in Islam when compared with the temporary religion.