Notes from BPU Sri Lanka - Third Year
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PGI. 301 – Pāli Prescribed Texts – II 


   An ability to comprehend the following prescribed texts is expected. The following topics should be given due attention: contents, standard of language, sources, authorship and chronology, philosophical, religious and literary value. Special attention should be paid to their contribution to and their position among the Pāli literature. Their relevance in studying Buddhist thought and history should also be studied. An effort should be made to study the information found in them and various trends of their times.
   It is essential to have a general grammatical knowledge of the language of prescribed texts. Proficiency in translating into English the passages from the prescribed texts will also be examined.

Prescribed Texts:
  (One of the following lists of thexts for each year will be prescribed by the department.)
 (1) 1. Petakopadesa - Paṭhamabhūmi & Dutiyabhūmi
 2. Aṭṭhasalīni - Bahiranidanavannanā
 3. Dīpavaṅsa - Chapters 1-5
 4. Jinacarita - Stanzas 1-244
(2) 1. Petakopadesa - Tatiyabhūmi & Catutthabhūmi
 2. Samantapāsādika - Bahira nidanavannana
 3. Dhātuvaṅsa
 4. Dathavaṅsa - Chapters 4, 5

(3) 1. Visuddhimagga - Dutaṅga Niddesa
 2. Sumaṅgalavilāsinī - Nidānakathā
 3. Mahāvaṅsa - Chapters 1-5
 4. Sāsanavaṅsadīpa - Chapters 1, 2

Recommended Reading:
 1. A History of Pāli Literature, Vol. i., ii. B. C. Law, London, 1933
 2. The Pāli Literature of Ceylon G. P. Malalasekare, Colombo, 1956
 3. The Pitaka – Disclosure (Petakopadesa), PTS Gnanamoli Bhikkhu
 4. A History of Indian Literature, Vol. ii. M. Winternitz, Culcutta, 1933
 5. On the Chronicles of Ceylon B. C. Law, Bengal, 1947

Examination Questions